A year in review: Top ten blog posts from 2015


2015 has been an exciting year for HealthScopeNews.com. We officially launched the first blog post on February 3, 2015, to discuss how media multi-tasking might be killing your gray matter. We then debated your favorite health topics, such as, why you shouldn’t feel bad about drinking one of life’s guilty pleasures-your beloved coffee, to what exactly was the World Health Organization talking about when it linked processed meat with cancer?!?

The goal thus far? Is to empower you with the knowledge to help you understand better your day to day health.

Be sure to check out all of them and share with us your favorite in the comments on our blog or by tweeting @drcjaffe

Click on the links to take a quick look at your favorite top 10 posts:

Is the era of coffee as a guilty pleasure over?

Drinking that warm cup of coffee to get a jump on your day may not be all that bad for you-in fact, it may actually be the drink to impact your overall health. Turns out one of life’s guilty pleasures may not be so guilty after all.


E-books or real books? You decide

Reading e-books instead of “real books”? Maybe your reading more but your re-telling-less. Learn what studies have to say about the shortcomings of the digitized word. You may begin to feel different about that meaty, thick, you can firmly grasp in your hands and very dusty book on your shelf.


Measles: Outbreak reignites the Vaccine-Autism Debate.

The Disneyland measles outbreak prompted a frenzy of public and media attention to the hyperbole of the vaccine-autism debate. Find out how the scientific community weighed in on the matter.

Study: Media multitaskers could be diminishing their brain’s gray matter

If you are among the majority that simultaneously multi-task with a lap-top, mobile phone or another media device, you may want to read what it’s doing to your brain.

Does Acetaminophen use in pregnancy lower testosterone in the male fetus?

Planning a pregnancy? This post takes a deep dive look at one of the most commonly prescribed drugs during pregnancy Acetaminophen, and how it could affect your male baby.

Womb transplants give hope to women born without a uterus

Women who are born without wombs or have lost their wombs to cancer are hailing this new procedure.


Does your eye color indicate your risk of disease?

An increasing amount of research has linked the color of your eyes to some health concerns and alcoholism is the latest reveal.


What can you do to change the bystander effect?  

The 1964 historic bystander event, the Kitty Genovese slaying, sparked a furor and transformative effect on the nation. Still echoing through the decades: When the number of bystanders increases in an emergency, the less likely they are to come to your aid.

Tick-Tock: The fertility war on women over 35

Top fertility experts staunchly at odds with delaying parenthood- warning of the fertility risks and reliability of IVF in older women.

Does the WHO’s latest cancer warning have any meat on its bones?

Processed meat, like bacon, causes cancer?!? I would not think that this dog could hunt based on the fact that “bacon goes with everything.”

This post was written as part of the Nurse Blog Carnival. More posts on this topic can be found at http://nursecode.com. If you are interested in participating find out more details and sign up.

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15 thoughts on “A year in review: Top ten blog posts from 2015

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  2. Looks like a great list, Cynthia and I must save this page. The one about multitasking and social media caught my eye and I think researchers are onto something very important involving intimacy and relationships. I sometimes wonder if we’re frantically trying to connect or reassure ourselves about being connected yet the connections via social media are somewhat limited in terms of intimacy. I notice that in myself sometimes when I’m checking email again! I also think that we may be approaching a wall in terms of the use of technology and that the constant learning curve and trouble shooting needs are counterproductive and tiresome. I’m thinking of creating a dx called, “Technology Fatigue Syndrome” (TFS) but I haven’t thought it through yet. Anyways, enjoyed scanning your topics and look forward to your future posts. Happy NY.


    • Beth, thank you! I really like your dx, “Technology Fatigue Syndrome.” I think I worry most about kids and all this technology. They can’t “live” without their smartphones. It’s so bad that my 14 year old has her showers down to 7.5 minutes. That’s so she that she doesn’t go through withdrawal from looking at social media on her phone! What ever happened to connecting with people by playing with a bat and a ball?

      Thank you for visiting!


  3. So much wisdom and diverse content here, Cynthia. You are such an inspiration! It was awesome to get to know you more via our podcast interview. And now… to go through all of these articles. You are chock full of information! Great work. Keep it up and here’s to another great year!


  4. Cynthia,
    Your blog provides such relevant and timely health information for the public. I’m a little jealous of your gift for developing catchy blog titles that draw me in to read more, too. As a former labor and delivery nurse, your article on uterine transplants was unbelievable. Thanks for always sharing your nuggets of knowledge on your blog. I’m your biggest fan!


  5. Hi Cynthia,
    I always enjoy reading your posts. Your topics are so interesting!
    As an autism/mom/warrior I was especially happy to read your post about vaccines and autism. well done. Bravo!
    Keep up the good work and Happy New Year!


  6. Thank you for all you have shared! I am in awe of womb transplants, since I work in the field of women’s health. I love reading your posts that share such a broad perspective of our field.


  7. What a great round up. I was really fascinated by the womb transplant. What an amazing story.

    Thanks for participating in the Blog Nurse Carnival.


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